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The equity theory of motivation, developed by workplace and behavioral psychologist John Stacey Adams inis grounded on the concept that employees tend to seek equity or balance in the amount of input they give to their job or relationship with their bosses, and the output they receive.

EQUITY THEORY • This process theory focuses on workers' perceptions of the fairness of their work outcomes and inputs. Specifically they strive to maintain ratios of their own rewards to contributions which are equal to others' ratios. Essay Paper on Equity Theory The main idea behind the Equity Theory is that workers, while trying to balance what they invested in to their jobs and what they obtain from them, are unconsciously attributing values to each of his various contributions.

Expectancy Theory vs Equity Theory Essay Words 4 Pages There is a new automated offender management system that is being put in effect at the state correctional facility. Adams equity theory of motivation essay.

Essay Paper on Equity Theory

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